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Oral Heath Maintenence

Routine dental care

Regular cleanings and dental exams are very important for your oral health and are usually


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Fillings- We can match your filling to the color of your teeth, so the only one who will ever know you had a cavity, is you.

Root canals- Dr. Schmieder can perform most root canals, in the office, no need for a referral to a costly specialist

Implants -Dr. Schmieder even does mini dental implants, so you can finally get the smile you have always dreamed of

Crown and Bridge

Crowns - are not just for royalty. Many people need crowns over teeth due to breakage, wear, root canals, or other reasons. Let us restore your tooth to it's original beauty.

Bridges - are just that, they bridge a gap between teeth. When you are missing a tooth due to accident, injury or congenitally, we can fill the gap to restore your confidence and your smile.

Whitening- So many of us our embarassed of our smiles because our teeth are stained from things like coffee, wine or tea. We can help!

Invisalign™- Dr. Schmieder is a preferred Invisalign™ provider. We can straighten your teeth without braces.

If you have dentures or bridges, Dr. Schmieder will inspect how well they fit and discuss needed adjustments.

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